About Us

Our mission is to prevent waste from going in landfills. In doing so, we aim to provide the largest variety of discontinued electronics with unbeatable guarantees. While also providing expert, personable support via phone or online messaging.

We want your trust!

We know that online shopping can seem like a weird concept. You buy the item and hope it to shows up in 7 days. Some of our competitors give online shopping a bad name by not shipping items, shipping defective items, not packing properly etc. Every step of the way we are here to help and guarantee that you will receive what you ordered.  

We are changing the way you view buying refurbished items and shopping online.

Refurbished items-

We know that buying a refurbished item is different than buying a new item. Why is that? It's usually the lack of a warranty, you aren't sure where it's coming from and you aren't sure how long it will last. You don't have to worry about any of this when you shop with us! Our Limited Lifetime Warranty as you covered and our expert staff ensures the item is in good hands.

Online Shopping-

We are aware that there are some websites out there that could have caused you to not trust online shopping. They may have sent you a broken item, not sent the item, lied about the condition or something else. At For The Low, we have too much integrity to allow a customer to be anything less than satisfied. You will always get what you ordered when you shop in our store. 

We are For The Low. Also known as your go-to shop for vintage and discontinued electronics. We provide things like VCRs, DVD VCR Combos, Cassette Players, CD Players, DVD Recorders, CD Recorders, Radios and much more.

There are a few really important things that set us apart from the competition. Our “Satisfaction Guarantee” guarantees that you have nothing to worry about. Our “Price Match Guarantee” promises that our prices are the lowest. Our packaging process ensures the safety of your item without question! Our “Buyer Guides” and YouTube videos will help you when purchasing items. Our “How To's” will help you when operating your device. These are only a few major reasons to shop here. Purchase something and find out about more.

Satisfaction guarantee- If buyers are having problems with their purchase, our satisfaction guarantee will ensure that all buyers receive what they ordered. https://forthelow.net/blogs/information/satisfaction-guarantee

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE- With our For The Low Price Match Guarantee, you can tell us if you’d like a different price based on products from anywhere. If the item you find includes the same things that our offer does, we will match the price without question.

THE SAFEST BOXING PROCESS ANYWHERE- At For The Low, we take the packaging and preparing of your item very seriously. We want to ensure as best we can that the item will be working when you remove it from the package.