The Safest Boxing Process Anywhere

At For The Low, we take the packaging and preparing of your item very seriously. We want to ensure than the item will be working when you remove it from the package.

Before packaging any item, we test it fully. Once we know the device works 100% working in every way, it gets cleaned. We clean it inside and out and replace any worn parts.

After ensuring that your item is ready to be boxed up, we begin the packaging process.

1. We label the sold item with a serial sticker for security purposes.

2. We wrap the item in 2 inches of bubble wrap neatly.

3. We package the accessories and any papers in a small bag.

4. Now we get a box. When selecting a box, we leave 1.5-2 inches of space between the wall of the box and all items.

5. When we have our box, we put one piece of tape across the middle of the bottom. One on each side, then three strips across the middle. 

6. Afterwards, we add some peanuts to the box, place the item and all accessories in the box, then add more peanuts. The peanuts that we use are biodegradable and dissolve in water. We sometimes use different packaging, such as air pillows.

7. Lastly, the top of the box gets taped just like the bottom. One across the middle, one on each side and three across the middle.

8. After taping it, the box does not bulge on top and does not sink in with pressure. The item is also firm in place.

Even though we clearly take pride in our packaging, some of our packages get damaged in transit. If you do receive an item and it isn't working properly, just contact us and we'll arrange for a replacement at no cost.

If you purchased an item that includes the original packaging, it will be boxed a second time with 1.5-2 inches of space between the item and the wall of the second box for packing peanuts. This way, no one knows what is in the box, and it has an extra layer of protection.

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