Panasonic PV-D4734S DVD VCR Combo Player

by For The Low

This DVD VCR is built to last an eternity. It's got a flawless design mechanically. The tuner on the back allows you to get cable TV programs to your TV. You can also record them onto a VHS tape.


Refurbished - Good (5 out of 10 cosmetic wear rating)

This item will show many thick scratches on top.



  • DVD VCR combo
  • Audio video cables
  • Factory remote (EUR7724KC0)
  • Batteries
  • Manual




    • Double Feature
    • Playable formats: JPEG, MP3, WMA
    • Multi-format playback
    • Full featured remote control
    • Having the DVD and VCR in one opens up shelf space on your entertainment center.
    • The rapid rewind system allows for quicker rewinds.
    • The progressive scan DVD player allows for a better viewing experience.
    • Front audio video ports allow easy connection for an additional external device.
    • Plays back RAM discs.


    • Weight- x lbs (x kg)
    • W” x H” x D” (WxHxD)


    • RF x 1 (back)
    • Analog Audio R/L x 2 (front and back)
    • Composite Video x 2 (front and back)


    • RF x 1 (back)
    • Analog Audio R/L x 2 (back)
    • Composite Video x 1 (back)
    • Component Video x 1 (back)
    • S-Video x 1 (back)
    • Optical Digital Audio x 1 (back)