Kenwood - CD-203 - 5-Disc CD Compact Disc Player

by For The Low

This CD player is ideal for a basic application. It has a remoteless operation so you can use it fully without needing a remote control. Some great features that it comes with include Program Mode, Time Display, Random, Repeat, 1-Bit DAC, a Carousel Changer and System Control. The program play makes it so you have the choice of queuing the next songs that will play regardless of which CD. The time display feature unlocks the option to change the form that the time is displayed. The random feature will randomly shuffle through all songs, either all discs or one disc. The repeat feature will repeat a song, a disc or all discs endlessly. 1-Bit DAC is CD player jargon for high quality sound. The carousel system lets you change discs using a rotating tray. The system control output and input lets you connect to an audio system for additional functions. 



Refurbished - Good

This item will show some signs of wear. (6 out of 10 cosmetic wear rating)


  • CD changer carousel
  • Audio cables
  • Manual


  • 5-disc carousel-style CD player
  • Graphite Grey Texture for the front panel
  • SL16 XS8
  • System Control
  • P. Mode
  • Time Display

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