JVC - XL-MV303 - 3-Disc Triple Tray Video CD Player

by For The Low

Easily sing karaoke from 3 different CDs without being required to change the disc. This triple disc CD changer brings it's high quality design all the way from Japan. The system features connectivity for up to 3 microphones, it has key control for a diverse set of options. As well, it comes equipped with NTSC and PAL compatibility. 




Refurbished - Good

The item will show some very minor signs of wear. (5 out of 10 cosmetic wear rating)

Every function has been confirmed working. Worn belts have been replaced. All internal components have been cleaned.


  • 3 Disc Karaoke Player
  • Factory Remote (RM-SXLMV505U)
  • Batteries
  • Audio/Video Cable 
  • Manual


  • Plays Video CD
  • Digital Echo
  • NTSC and Pal Compatible
  • Voltage selector
  • Key Selector