EZ Cap Cassette Capture Tape to PC USB Digital Audio Music Player Converter

by For The Low
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This awesome, up-to-date cassette player can both playback tapes like a standard portable cassette player and record to a PC, USB or CD. It is very simple to use too! 

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Tape to PC USB Cassette Capture
USB Cable
User Manual 


1. Get power- There are two ways to get power supplied to the device: Use 2 AA batteries or a USB port power supply (5V DC adapter, USB from computer, etc), by the supplied USB cable (comes with device in package) as below.

Tape 2 PC Power adapter

2. Put a cassette tape in device- Open the tape lid from the top of device and put a tape in, then close the lid.

3. PIug in a USB flash- Use an USB flash which has enough storage space
(about 1MB for 1 minute music recording). Plug into the device. Plug directly to the USB port of the device if use AA batteries. Plug to the female port of USB
cable if power is supplied by DC adapter.

4. Operate the cassette- You can use earphones or a speaker if plugged into the "AUX" to listen music when playing or recording music. There are 4 buttons on the top of device:

cassette to pc button options

Once you press the play button, the cassette player start to work, you can see the wheel running through the small window, you can set the volume to a level you like by using the rotary switch. You will hear the playing music now if connected to an audio device, then let's start next step -- recording (converting).

5. Recording- When the cassette is playing, a USB flash is connected, and the device is under standby mode (indicator keep on), just simply press the recording button. Then the device will start to record (convert) the playing music to MP3 format, the indicator will be quick flashing (if not, this means it is not recording, re-plug your USB flash and try again). Press the recording button again to stop recording and save the MP3 file in the USB flash. During recording mode, press the next button and the device will stop recording after 3 seconds and save an MP3 file for that recording and then start recording again in a new MP3 file. The device will create a new folder called "EZCAP" in your USB flash and save the MP3 file in the folder. You will see each recorded MP3 file. lf you want to edit your recorded MP3 files, you can use a free software --- Audacity, download from: http://audacity.sourceforge.net

6. Playback- The device offers playback of the saved files so you can easily check the recorded file. At standby mode, press the playback button, the device will start to play the recorded music. The indicator will be slow flashing. Press the playback button again and it will stop playback and go back to standby mode. During playback, use the up/down button to choose to play previous or next file. Use the +/- button to set volume up and down.



1. Convert music or English listening on old tapes to MP3. (Directly stored in the tape drive to save the U disk, there will be no environmental noise, as good as the original tape.)
2. Can also be used to listen to tape, but to wear headphones (because there is no speaker, but comes standard with a high-quality headphones).
3. The old tape is converted to MP3 format, saved to a U disk and exported to a computer, played on a computer or for iPod, or made into an optical disk.
4. Plug and play function, no need for driving; easy to operate, smart shape.
5. Supports both battery power and USB power.


Product Interface: USB
Recording Mode: WAV, MP3 
Power Mode: 2 AA batteries(Battery NOT Included) or USB powered
Power consumption: less than 400MW 
Editing software: Audacity 
USB cable length: approx.80cm/31.49''
Size: approx. 112x80x31mm/4.4x3.14x1.22''
Weight: approx.147g


September 7, 2018

"I received my order yesterday and am happy with the services of For The Low .Net! Doing business with them was a pleasant experience. They acknowledged my request for what I wanted with a photo of exactly what I asked for and even gave me a coupon for money off the regular price. It was packaged with complete care so that it wouldn’t break in transit and arrived on the day they said it would. The experience was a joy in this world of clicks and waiting for the mail." - MKT

August 25, 2018

For a couple of years, I have been looking for a replacement for my Toshiba DVD Recorder that was starting to break down. I had placed four orders with Amazon....3 of the recorders did not work and had to be returned, the fourth order was canceled by the seller before shipping with no explanation. An internet search brought me to Forthelow.net and I found a refurbished Toshiba recorder similar to the one I was using. Without high expectations, I placed another order with them. Forthelow let me know when my order placed and kept me fully updated during the shipping process. The recorder arrived in about 4 days (much quicker than I anticipated) and works perfectly. The box included the recorder, remote and users' manual and advertised. I am very satisfied with my experience with Forthelow.net and plan to order additional equipment from them. I highly recommend them. - John 

JULY 14, 2018

I took delivery yesterday and it works perfectly! My original had tears in the hose duct taped closed, and the switch no longer worked.  I had to unplug it to turn it off, could not adjust suction level and could not power the carpet attachment.  I felt very fortunate to have stumbled upon this through a Google search.   FORTHELOW .NET was very helpful in determining if this would work with my 40 year old machine.  They sent additional pictures and answered my questions.  It was delivered in 3 days.  I now have full function of this very powerful vacuum cleaner and expect to use it for another 40 years. - Ken

JULY 6, 2018

When my beloved VCR died, I discovered new ones were not being manufactured as before. All my tapes, collected over many years - - lost!? All future recordings - - lost!? What to do? Then, I discovered For The Low. I was wary. Was this a scam? I was afraid. Would my purchase truly be guaranteed? I wanted, I NEEDED, a working VCR, so I made my order. The packaging was perfect, the VCR was even better than advertised, Spencer was extremely helpful. I am a very satisfied customer. - Evelyn S.

MARCH 16, 2018

"Being a senior who refuses to give up VCR'S, I was in a panic because my last one died and no one sells them anymore in CA. Luckily I discovered FOR THE LOW, and will never have to worry again.I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the fantastic service they provide. My sets arrived in a timely manner, extremely well wrapped and the friendly emails offering any help were appreciated. I will continue to do business with them in the future and plan to refer them to all my friends. Thank you, guys... YOU CAN BUY WITH CONFIDENCE." - Jan S.

MARCH 6, 2018 

"I was quite favorably impressed with my purchase from “For the Low.”  The first word that comes to mind in describing them is    .  .  .   integrity.

The first VCR they sent me somehow got damaged in transportation. “For the Low” did a very good job in packaging and cushioning the VCR for the shipment. In any event, when it arrived it was damaged.  This rarely happens.  The good news is “For the Low” sent me a replacement VCR at no extra charge.  Furthermore, they did an excellent job in keeping me well-informed about all things related to the replacement shipment. I believe they treat all their customers with this same integrity." - The customer wanted to remain anonymous. 

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