Admiral - JSJ 20454 - VHS VCR Video Cassette Player

by For The Low

This VCR is ideal for any basic application. It's great if you anticipate light use along with simple functionality for playing back your VHS collection with ease.


Refurbished - Good

The item will show minor signs of wear. (7.5 out of 10 cosmetic wear rating)

Every function has been confirmed working. Worn belts have been replaced. All internal components have been cleaned.

  • VCR
  • Audio video cables
  • Factory remote (G0200AJSA)
  • Batteries

  • Mono 4 head VCR
  • Rapid rewind system
  • Auto clock setting
  • Auto picture enhance
  • VHS HQ
  • 19 micron width EP Heads / auto head cleaner