20 Features To Look For When Buying A VCR

20 Features To Look For When Buying A VCR

VCRs are quickly becoming a thing of the past and becoming increasingly difficult to find. If you are fortunate enough to find one, you’ll be lucky if it works. If you’re on the search for one and need to understand your options, you’re in the right place. If you prefer, we offer a buying option where we pick the VCR for you. Check that out here.

1. New or Used?

The first thing to consider is if you want new/unused, Pre Owned or refurbished. Bear in mind that if you find a new one, it most likely won’t include the manufacturer's warranty. New ones are rare and will cost much more. A refurbished one means that it has been professionally inspected and will work just like new. Used means that it is working according to a user or a reseller. You need to be careful here because people often don't test what is sold.

Find New Options Here

Find Refurbished Ones Here

Emerson EWV404 VHS VCR Video Cassette Recorder (Unused)-VCR-For The Low-For The Low

2. Do you want a warranty?

All VCRs from our store include a lifelong warranty. Most others don’t offer any sort of warranty and often do not accept returns. 

Checkout what you get with the lifelong Warranty HERE.



3. Do you need Hi-Fi audio?

When picking out a VCR, you have two options. Either mono or Hi-Fi stereo audio. Hi-Fi allows for surround sound and mono comes from one direction. We recommend getting Hi-Fi. 

Find All Hi-Fi Stereo VCRs Here.

Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Surround Sound Left and Right


Mono Audio One Wire audio


4. Do you care about the brand?

There are many different brands to choose from, but what is the best? Some good options would include Panasonic, JVC or Sony

Browse Brands Here

5. What should it look like?

Do you want it to be Black, Silver, Purple? Do you need it to look techy and spectacular or simple and basic?

Toshiba DVR620 DVD VCR Combo Recorder-DVD VCR Combo Player-For The Low-For The Low


GE VG4052 VCR Video Cassette Recorder-VCR-For The Low-For The Low


6. TV Guardian or TVG

This will block out most or all swear words from your movies and tapes. It's pretty amazing. This feature is more common among the Sanyo brand

Browse TV Guardian Options Here.

7. DVD VCR Combo- 

Save space by getting a DVD VCR in one. You can copy VHS to DVD with certain models too. 

Funai DV220FX4 DVD VCR Combo Player-DVD VCR Combo Player-For The Low-For The Low

Browse DVD VCR Combos Here

8. SVHS Playback / S-Video Connectivity?

If you have SVHS tapes, you want to get a compatible player. Most VCRs won’t play SVHS tapes, some VCRS will play SVHS tapes at VHS quality, and very few will play SVHS at SVHS quality. Look for a VCR with an S-Video port if you want the best quality.

JVC HR-S3902U VHS VCR Video Cassette Recorder-VCR-For The Low-For The Low


Browse S-Video VCRs Here.

9. Or possibly DVHS playback?

If you want an unheard of VCR experience, get a DVHS player. It plays DVHS tapes in HD at 1080i resolution.

DVHS vcr with HDMI output 1080i

10. Rapid rewind-

Rapid rewind will rewind your VHS tape in seconds. Without it, you'll be waiting a whole year for it to rewind.

Browse Options With Rapid Rewind

11. Six Head VCR-

Six head VCRs will produce high quality EP recordings.The Extended Play Recordings created by 6 head VCRs are very, very comparable to Standard Play (SP) recordings created by 4 head VCRs. 

Browse Six Head VCRs

12. Front AV Ports-

Get this if you want to connect an external device. You can simply just do playback, or you can record onto VHS.

13. Child Lock-

Lock the buttons on the front panel of the device so your young ones can't mess with it and lose your spot in the movie.

14. Jog

The jog feature allows you to adjust the speed of the video more precisely. Anywhere from .1x speed to 5x speed if the VCR is capable.

Browse Jog Dial VCRs

15. Dual Deck VCR-

Playback two movies at once and easily dub your non copy protected movies.

GoVideo DDV9500 Dual Deck VCR Player-VCR-For The Low-For The Low

Browse Dual Deck VCRs

16. Commercial Skip-

This will seamlessly fast forward a whole 30 seconds so that you don't have to watch commercials.


Still aren't sure how to decide?- Check out our recommendations here.




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