Top 10 Best VCRs To Buy in 2021

Top 10 Best VCRs To Buy in 2021

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Buying a VCR can be overwhelming if you haven't done it in a while, or ever. We've laid out the best VCR options to simplify the shopping process for you. Click on the picture to be directed to the item.


Panasonic VCR VHS Player

This model comes first because it is very easy to use but it is still loaded with features. It is also very reliable and less likely to breakdown.

2. SANYO VWM-950 

Sanyo VWM-950 VCR VHS Player

The Sanyo VWM-950 has a desirable lightweight and modern design. It's basically a better version of the Emerson EWV404. You get the same quality design without sacrificing stereo audio.

3. Mitsubishi HS-U446 / HS-U447 / HS-U448 / HS-U449

Mitsubishi VCR Video Cassette Recorder HS-U449 Silver and grey

Mitsubishi has a range of awesome video cassette recorders. They are built with many features and built to last. Get one of the above Mitsubishi VCR and we can guarantee it will be the last VCR you buy.

4. Samsung World Wide VCR


Samsung World Wide Region Free VCR VHS Player Recorder SV-5000W

If you're just looking for a regular VCR. This one is not for you. This Video Cassette Recorder enables you to play a VHS tape from anywhere in the world.

5. Go-Video Dual Deck


Go Video Dual Deck DVD VCR Combo Player

Use this VCR to play Titanic one time all of the way through without needing to change tapes. Or think of it as a VCR that has 2 lives.

6. Sony VCRs (SLV-679HF SLV-676HF SLV-779HF SLV-695HF)

sony slv-679HF VCR Hifi video cassette recorder combo

Get an excellent Sony VCR to play your VHS collection or record TV programs. They are highly reliable and have beautiful designs. Most Sony VCRs are surely a safe bet if you want something that will last and have desirable features.

7. Emerson EWV404

Emerson VHS player VCR basic

It is low in price and as basic as it gets.

8. Audiovox TV/VCR 

audiovox tv and vcr in one 2-in-1

Play VHS tapes anywhere with this 2-in-1 VCR and TV

9. JVC HR-S6900U Super VHS Player with S-Video

JVC Professional SVHS S-video High definition VCR

The High Resolution JVC VCR SVHS Player is a high end player and recorder meant for use with Super VHS tapes. A lot of us have old home videos, some of which were recorded on Super VHS. The Super VHS is just like the VHS, but better resolution. When you transfer those memories onto DVD or a digital format, you want to save every pixel you can. Your elders paid for every pixel and you're gonna get every pixel!

10. Samsung DVD-VR375 DVD/VCR

Samsung VCR VHS Player DVD Recorder with 2 way dubbing from vhs to dvd

In case you don't know about these, I included this on the list. It is a VHS to DVD Recorder, and it plays DVD and VHS tapes. To top it off, it has 1080p upconversion for VHS and DVD.

Hopefully this top 10 reveals some kind of insight and can help you out. If not, you can read further about features with the link below. Or contact us.


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Ruiari Barton - February 1, 2021

I’m 19 and I love collecting VHS Tapes.

Ed - November 19, 2019

I still tape most of what we watch yet (2019) since around 1985. I have several vcrs, most are panasonics and sonys. 1 toshiba and 2 samsungs. I wore out 3 sanyos 1 lasted 38 years ! newer jvcs and sylvaina were the worse. ty.

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