How to Test a Remote, Step By Step

How to Test a Remote, Step By Step

Testing your remote control is very easy and necessary for checking for a defective remote control.

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is insert the correct batteries into your remote, whether it be double A (AA) or triple A (AAA).

2. Turn on a camera, cell phone camera, or anything capable of taking pictures. Make sure you have a clear view through the screen on your photo capture device. This won't work with many apple devices.

3. Point the top of the remote directly at the lens. Press every button firmly, individually.

4. You should see a fast paced flickering purple dot on the screen, it is not visible with the naked eye. If a button does not respond with a purple light when you press it, this indicates either a bad button or remote, or you may need to change the remotes setting. It is common that the input must be changed with AV System remotes. 

For some reason, if you receive no purple-light reaction from any of the buttons, unfortunately the remote is broken, or the batteries inserted are defective. It will need to either be fixed professionally, or completely replaced with a refurbished, or used remote, which we have hundreds of at For The Low.Net.


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