Benefits Of A VHS to DVD Combo Recorder?

Benefits Of A VHS to DVD Combo Recorder?

The normal DVD VCR combo player, as well as the VHS to DVD recorder combo player were both very commonly used up until 2010, when newer, upgraded sources were manufactured. You’re in luck to stumble across For The Low, since this type of item can be hard to find almost anywhere nowadays! VHS to DVD combo recorders have special features and applications that you cannot find in any other device, since combo players/recorders and their features have both been discontinued almost a decade ago. Here at For The Low, we have conserved as many of these as we could for anyone out there who still enjoys the old technology.

Every type of combo player will always have the same basic connections (red/white/yellow) and some will include HDMI ports. Most HDMI ports and cables didn’t come into play for combo players until 2007.

VHS to DVD recorders have one of many abilities that allows them to cross-dub, or cross-record, internally, for all legally recordable film.

There was a popular misconception that has already floated about the internet phrasing all combo players have built-in tuners. This is false! For The Low makes it specific whether or not each item has a tuner. Pay attention to that if you’re shopping around for one! Without a tuner, you will have to connect a converter box to receive your TV channels. If the item does have a tuner, you can utilize the ports for it. Just hook up your cables and you’re good to go.


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