Is a Universal Audio Video System Remote Control Worth Buying?

Is a Universal Audio Video System Remote Control Worth Buying?

If you’ve been considering buying a universal remote to replace all of those remotes to your entertainment system, then consider it even more! You’ll never have to worry about having multiple remotes ever again, and I’m sure you won’t miss losing them either.

A universal remote is beyond worth it. We’ve done some research on reviews and it seems like hundreds of people would much rather prefer to lose the hassle, and only own one remote.


 Many of us have been there where we had to take some time out of our day to look for a remote! Now imagine wanting to get a movie going, but want to turn some music on while the previews are rolling through. You grab that trusty universal remote and you do all of that with a few taps of the buttons! Sounds simple right? Because it is.

Some of the newer universal remotes might be a bit pricey, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the older universal remotes. Logitech, Sony, and Panasonic have made beautiful, and very useful universal remotes over the years. It is said that Logitech makes the best, however!

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