the for the low story

vintage electronics are our passion

At For The Low, we know exactly how difficult it is to buy vintage electronics. Many of our products are rare and impossible to find. If you are lucky enough to find one of the items we sell yourself, it is very likely that it doesn't work. If it does work, you then need to find the correct remote. Which is not easy. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of vintage and discontinued electronics.


    The Reason We Are Here

    FOR THE LOW was founded by Spencer Vogt. He started out reselling electronics and eventually found that there is a major lack of quality used items in the market. So, he opened up a company and an online store maintaining a quality first policy.

    What does For The Low Mean?

    For The Low has two meanings.  When you buy an item from us, you are getting it 'For The Low price of $_____' and in other words, you are getting a special and rare deal.

    Expanding Our Product Offerings

    In the beginning, DVD VCRs were our main product. Along with high capacity CD and DVD changers. Soon after getting started with these products, we noticed a clear demand for many more products. Our current product line includes the following. We do have other items available besides these, but they are less common. (Click to view products)

    What's in store for us long term?

    We aim to be a primary outlet for purchasing any used and refurbished items. We know that buying used items can be hard and we want to fix that. For now though, we will be selling Vintage Electronics.

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