15 Reasons To Shop With For The Low .Net

These are the top 15 reasons to shop with us.

Our number 1 reason to shop with us is the power to call us personally. You can use this feature to help with using the product you bought from us or basic questions like when your item will be delivered.
Arizona based technical support for old electronics
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Our second most important reason is that we have first hand experience with our products.  
We have hands on experience with the products in our store to ensure better service.
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Reason number 3 is FREE shipping on all orders over $20. This makes checking out less of a hassle, now you won't have to calculate shipping.
free shipping on orders about 20 dollars
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The fourth reason is our FAST shipping. Most orders ship next day from Arizona with standard shipping. The longest it would normally take to receive your items from For The Low is 5 business days after purchase.
Shipping is always fast free and insured
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The fifth reason is an important one. We include a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers everything but accidents. 
 limited lifetime warranty on all products
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Our Satisfaction Guarantee is number 6. This will make sure that if anything goes wrong, you are covered 100%.
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Number 7 is we do not have vendors. This makes it easier to offer the deals we do, the warranty, free shipping and our guarantee. 
No Vendors for vcr players in good condition
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The eighth reason is our selection. We offer everything from cassette players to Blu-Ray players. This includes CD players/recorders, VHS players/recorders, DVD players/recorders and more.
our selection is very unique and diverse
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On all of our platforms, we have a 5 out of 5 star rating. We have never gotten a negative review!
we have never received a negative review
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Number 10 is one of our most popular features. You can call to order! Simply call the number on our website, tell us what you'd like and we'll get your order placed. Then you will receive your receipt in minutes!
Call to place your order
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The eleventh reason is our on site articles and videos for assisting you with using our products.
knowledge base with videos and articles
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Number 12 is that we have regular sales and discounts.
Regular sales and discounts
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Our 90 day return policy is number 13. This gives you more time to decide if the product is right for you.
Pug is looking forward to receiving 90 day return policy
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Our 90 day price match guarantee ensures that you are getting the best deal. if you find a better offer that includes all the same services and product you are entitled to have the difference refunded.
a cat tells you that you have 90 days to claim the difference in prices
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Last but not least is that thousands of people trust us. We have successfully completed thousands of transactions in our time in business.
thousands of people trust us
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