Top 10 Best DVD VCR Combos To Buy in 2019

Top 10 Best DVD VCR Combos To Buy in 2019

What DVD VCR Combo Player Should I Buy? If you're on this page, this is likely what you're thinking. Instead of making you shop for a DVD VCR, I've picked out the best DVD VCRs. This is based on sales, reliability and experience. Click on the pictures to be directed to the DVD VHS player. Keep in mind that 99% of the DVD VCR players on the market are used. This means that the quality isn't only based on the model, it's also about where you buy it. You should buy from a VCR shop like us for this reason.

1. Sanyo DVW-7200


If you're looking for the best DVD VCR on the market, you found it. This Sanyo offers all of the features you would need in a VCR for recording and playing as well as it will hold up through regular use for a very long time. The tuner on the back offers easy One-Wire RF hookup for watching and recording TV shows.

Main Features- Tuner, R/L Audio In on front and back

2. Samsung DVD-VR375


This is one of the best and most reliable VHS to DVD recorder models that were ever manufactured. The HDMI port supplies up-to-date technology that will work perfect with your smart TV while providing the highest quality playback for DVDs and VHS tapes; DVDs will upconvert to 1080p. Use this device to easily archive your old VHS memories to DVD, or watch DVDs and VHS tapes.

Main Features- HDMI 1080p Upconversion, DVD-RAM recording

3. JVC DR-MV150B

Use this 2-in-1 VCR and DVD recorder to easily play your DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes or record them. One of many great features the JVC DR-MV150B has is a "Digital Tuner" which means you can watch and record digital broadcasts from antenna or cable connections. Another impressive feature is the 1080p HDMI upconversion. The highest viewing quality available for DVDs.

Main features- HDMI 1080p Upconversion, Digital Tuner, DVD-RAM Recording

4. Philips DVP3355V


This Philips DVD VCR is one of the later models, it was manufactured around 2014-15. It has a tunerless design and offers a Right and Left audio setup to connect a cable box for stereo audio. The remote and and the all black design is modern and will fit in with any entertainment center perfectly.

Main Features- R/L Audio In on front and back


Panasonic DVD VCR COmbo Player With Tuner

This DVD VCR is built to last an eternity. It's got a flawless design mechanically. The tuner on the back allows you to get cable TV programs to your TV. You can also record them onto a VHS tape.

Main Features- Tuner, R/L Audio In on front and back, Optical Audio

6. Philips DVP3340V

Best Philips DVD VCR Combo Player Tunerless

The Philips DVP3340V is a best selling DVD VCR. It has a slim design to fit in more places and a reliable design on the inside.

Main Features- R/L Audio In on front and back



The remote is intelligently designed for easy recording and big fingers. This is a great option for transferring VHS to DVD as well as using it with a newer designed HDMI only setups. 

Main Features- HDMI 1080p Upconversion, DVD Recording

8. Samsung DVD-V9800 

Samsung DVD VCR Combo Player Device With HDMI Interface

This model is pretty much the DVD VR375 without the DVD recorder. Which many of us probably don't need. 

Main Features- HDMI 1080p Upconversion, R/L Audio In on front and back

9. Sony SLV-D380P (or D281P)

Sony DVD VCR Combo Player

This Sony DVD VCR is another best seller and is ideal for basic DVD and VHS playback. You can use the composite ports do get playback from both sides on one channel. You can also use the component ports to take advantage of Progressive Scan playback for the DVD side only.

Main Features- R/L Audio In on front and back


Toshiba DVD VCR Combo Player

This Toshiba offers longevity and is perfect for recording and playing back tapes and discs. It has a feature called One Touch Recording for quickly recording in a moments notice. 

Main Features- Tuner, R/L Audio In on front and back



You should try to get one of these models, but there isn't anything wrong with getting a model that is very similar to one of these.

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Thanks, finally a place that I can contact, and view vcr/dvd combos, and if possibly dvd recorders. If you have current and specials at times on these machines and prices, I would really appreciate it.

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