Top 10 Best DVD Players to Buy in 2020

Top 10 Best DVD Players to Buy in 2020

Getting the BEST DVD player is important for a complete TV system. Each system may require a different DVD player based on your preferences and what your TV and audio system requires. This may sound crazy, but I would highly recommend getting a used DVD player as opposed to a new one. There are a few reasons for this. The first and main reason is most of the newer DVD players are NOT built to last. Another reasons is the lack of options. If you are looking for a certain feature, you may be surprised to know that a new version of a DVD player with that feature does not exist. 

Before deciding on the DVD player in the number 1 spot on this list, there are a few things to consider. 

  1. Are you playing ONLY standard DVDs? If you are, then pretty much any DVD player will work for you.
  2. Are you playing different disc formats? You may need to play DVD-R, or RAM disc. You may also want to play CDs or recorded CDs. If you are, you will need to verify that the player you want has this capability.
  3. Do you want to play multiple movies or discs back to back? You may want to consider getting a DVD changer. The range in capacities from 2 to 400.
  4. Do you need HDMI compatibility? Some TVs require an HDMI device for compatibility.
  5. Do you want to connect this DVD player to a sound system? Usually, if you want to connect to a sound system, you want to look for a device with an Optical Audio output.
  6. Do you want a DVD player that comes with a sound system? Some DVD players feature surround sound speakers for a better movie viewing experience.
  7. Do you want to connect to multiple displays, or connect headphones? You may need to consider getting a DVD player that has more than one audio or video output.
  8. Do you want to record DVDs? Some DVD players are also recorders, they offer many different options for recording. We'll stick to talking about DVD players, but this is something to think about.

This may not include every little thing to think about, but these are all important things to consider.

All of the DVD players in this top 10 are highly reliable and that is much of the reason they are on this list. 



1. Samsung DVD-1080P8 - The Number One BEST DVD player for basic playback

This Samsung receives the number one spot because it is the most compatible and will offer 1080p upconversion. The highest quality playback available for a DVD player. It is also very cheap!

2. Sony DVP-NC85H - The BEST 5-Disc DVD player for high quality playback.
The best sony 5 disc DVD changer


This Sony DVD player gets spot number 2 because it offers a disc exchange system for easy DVD changing. It also features an HDMI output for increased compatibility and high quality playback.

3. Sony DVP-CX995V - The BEST DVD player if you want to never touch a DVD again
Sony DVP-CX995v HDMI DVD player 400 disc carousel

This DVD player may not fit into most TV systems. Literally! If it does fit though, and it seems useful to you, it is an awesome device. You can load upto 400 DVDs into it and never touch your discs anymore. It SHOULD be able to fit your entire collection. It also offers an HDMI output for high quality playback and improved compatibility. The is much more to be said, but I'll leave it at that.

4. Toshiba HD-A2 - Another excellent single disc DVD player
Toshiba best dvd player


This one is similar to the Samsung in the number one spot,but it has a couple extra features. Such as internet capabilities and HD DVD playback. 

5. Sony DVP-CX777ES - A more affordable version of the other Sony 400 disc
Sony DVP-CX777ES DVD changer 400 disc capacity

The only thing that keeps this one from being better than the CX985V is that it lacks a HDMI port. It is a better device other than that. It offers a couple extra features, has a super cool front panel and is about half the price!

6. RCA DRC257N - Another Basic DVD player
RCA DRC257N Best HDMI DVD player with basic functions

This one is very comparable to the Samsung at the top. It offers HDMI and allows you to use SM/SD/MMC MS/MS Pro and CF/CF2 formats with the front ports.

7. Panasonic DVD-CV37 / CV47 / CV67 - A super reliable DVD Changer
Best panasonic 5 disc dvd player changer

This DVD player and changer provides ease of play by utilizing the disc exchange system.

8. Sony DVP-NC665P - 5 Disc DVD player
Sony 5 disc dvd player top 10 carousel

If you don't need HDMI compatibility, this DVD changer is an excellent choice. It is incredibly reliable and brings home all the useful features that you want.

9. Marantz VC5400 - DVD changer that is also a perfect CD player
Marantz 5 disc CD player

This Marantz DVD/CD changer is super cool and intuitive. It will allow functions that a standard CD changer will. You can easily shuffle through all 5 CDs with the CD functions. It also will play just about any CD format you can think of. The DVD playback is awesome as well. If you haven't owned a Marantz product, you are missing out and this would be a great first!

10.Pioneer DV-F07 - 300 Disc DVD/CD Reference File-Type Player Changer 
The Best Pioneer DVD Player reference device

This one is undoubtedly the most impressive on this list. It offers the ability to fit 300 CDs and DVDs. The front panel has a sweet looking eye-catching design. It has wood panels on the sides for a luxury appeal. You can also shuffle your CDs in the same way a CD changer would.  


    After reading this, you may be wondering, why all the disc changers? The fact is that DVD changers were built with better hardware than your standard DVD player. Not to mention, why get a DVD player that fits one disc, when you can fit 5 or more. Also, I could have mentioned some best sellers that are still being manufactured. The main reason those didn't make it on here is they don't last. Hence the reason they are considered "best sellers". They are best sellers because you replace it once every 6 months. Refurbished devices at For The Low are far more reliable than new DVD players, they have already proven to last a long time and will continue to do so for you. Many of these could easily be the last DVD player you purchase.


    If you can't find the specific model you see on here, you can get one with a similar design or model number and expect the same quality. Many manufactures would make the exact same device or very similar and change the model number. So as long as the model numbers are close and the devices and the design is similar, you will be good to go.

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