How to Clean a DVD Player

How to Clean a DVD Player

Below I’ve described a method of keeping your DVD player clean and intact. Making sure it is thoroughly cleaned once a year would be fantastic for it.

cleaning disks with the proper steps

The lens inside the DVD player is what really needs to be focused on when cleaning your DVD player. It needs to be cleaned periodically in order to have a long and beautiful life!

First, I have made a list of items that you will need. Make sure you use some of the following or as similar to these as possible or you are at risk of damaging the lens.

  • Screw driver (for unscrewing lid)
  • Air can, soft brush, or blow dryer
  • Foam swab or camera lens cleaner
  • Lens cleaning fluid
  1. Let's begin! First thing you need to do is unscrew all the screws holding down the lid. After you do this, remove the lid and the screws and set them aside.
  2. Now, use the air can or a blow dryer on the "cool" setting to blow the dust off of the interior.
  3. Grab some lens cleaner and dampen a foam or lint-free cotton swab. Cotton swabs that stray cotton when wet are not good for the lens at all! Make sure you use about one or two drops of the lens cleaner.
  4. That's pretty much it! Now get your screws and screw the top of the DVD player back on. If you have some discs that are still skipping, the disc itself is probably scratched or dirty. But, you may need to replace the lens or the entire player. We have an article about how to clean and repair DVDs at this link:
  5. Thanks for reading! Make sure you repeat these steps at least once a month to constantly increase the lifespan of your DVD player!

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