Top 10 CD Players and Changers To Buy for 2020

Top 10 CD Players and Changers To Buy for 2020

Sony ICF-CDK50 Under-Cabinet Radio, top CD player

If you want the most bang for your buck and don't already have a sound system, the Sony Under-Cabinet CD Player, Clock, AM/FM Radio Speaker System is the ideal pick. 

Important features:

  • Built-in speakers with Mega Bass
  • Remote Control Operation
  • AM/FM tuner built-in
  • Under-Cabinet design
    • Perfect for by the grill, in the kitchen, the bathroom, garage and more
  • AUX Cable for connecting a mobile device or laptop (not all models)
  • Other models have a built-in 3-Disc Changer system

Sony D-F200 Walkman CD player with am/FM radio


3. Best for Durability:Sony Single Disc CD Player (CDP-212)

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30 years old, so you know it is durable.

Simple design that is ideal if you just need the basic functions of a compact disc player.

Sony CDP-CX450 400 disc cd player and changer with 2-way remote control

Read disc names from the remote.


Denon DCD-1290 CD Player Audiophile for sale purchase

If you do not need a changer and want premium audio, try this option.

Digital audio for 


sony 5-disc cd changer best seller cdp-ce375
pioneer 101 disc cd player changer with plus one 1 pd-f908
sony cd player changer with usb 5-disc capacity


Best for recording: 9. Sony RCD-W500C or 10. Philips CDR785


 Philips cdr785 3 disc cd player changer and recorder all in one

The Philips 3 disc CD player/changer and CD Recorder dual tray system enables dubbing and recording CDs or external audio the easiest thing you have ever done. Maybe not the easiest, but it's easy.


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