DVD Player Buying Guide

DVD Player Buying Guide

First off, DVD players are essential! Most houses have 100+ DVDs and the only way to play them is by having a DVD player, Blu-ray player or something that can play them. There are many different features that you can find on different players. So there are a few things to consider.
Here are the questions you should ask yourself.
  • 1: Am I concerned about video quality? If you are concerned with video quality, find yourself a player that can up-convert. This will enhance the video of your movie.
  • 2: Am I concerned with sound quality? If the quality of sound is important, be sure to buy a player with an optical outlet for connection to your surround sound.
  • 3: What if I still need a VHS player too? If you want a VHS player too. You can get a player with a VCR and DVD player in one. You can shop for those here(DVD/VCR Combo). If you need help picking one, here is another buying guide for that (Which DVD/VCR combo do I buy?). DVD/VCR units have some awesome functions that make them a very good purchase.
  • 4: Will I need extra cables? An additional cable that you will want to consider in order to get better quality, is a HDMI cable. Before deciding to make the purchase, ensure that it will connect to your TV. Another cable you should consider buying is an optical cable so that it can connect to your amplifier and supply supreme sound.

Features to look for:

1) Progressive Scan. This will prevent the copy effect, which means better image quality. For example, if someone is moving there hand fast, without progressive scan, you might see two hand. With progressive scan, you will only see one. Be sure that your TV is either 1080p or 720p though. Otherwise, progressive scan will not work properly.
2) Up-converting DVD players. Simply put, this function will produce better image quality and only works in HD.
3) USB or Memory Drive Connectivity. Some of the newer DVD models will allow you to plug a USB or memory drive directly into the player. This will give your DVD player the ability to share your favorite images as well as additional media without the need for a computer. This is a great feature to have to expand on your entertainment system.
4) Parental Lockout. When the DVD has a rating capability, the DVD player could read the rating and either play or not play the DVD based on the guidelines employed by the user.
5) CD Playing Capabilities. All DVD players are able to play CDs.
6) 1-400 Disc Changer. You can buy DVD players that can hold 1 disc, 5 discs, all the way up to 400 where you can fit your entire movie/music collection.
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