The Sony VCR and The Reason For It's Fame

The Sony VCR and The Reason For It's Fame

Sony Video Cassette Recorders were definitely an iconic piece of history. They quickly became the go-to VHS player for anyone looking for a VCR that has the potential to live a very long life. This wasn't all marketing either, they were able to back it up with the products they were making. Sony VCRs were what everyone wanted, even until today, nothing has changed. I would definitely make a Sony VTR my first recommendation to anyone looking to specifically get longevity with their Video Tape Recorder.

Let's talk about Sony's best VCRs...

Model SLV-N900 (or N700)

Sony SlV-n900 SLV-N700 VHS player

This is my favorite Sony VCR and the high demand for it explains a lot. It has a couple extra bells and whistles that you won't find on a regular VCR. It has SVHS playback, VCR Plus + and it will last you a very long time.

Model SLV-N55 (or N51)

Sony VCR VCP VTR VHS Player Recorder

This VCR is perfect for just watching movies. It's great at other things, but if you just want to watch tapes, this is a good option.

Model SLV-D380P (or D281P)

Sony DVD VCR SLV-D380P Best DVD VCR Player

This is one of our most demanded DVD VCRs. Based on my experience with the model, it won't upset you. It has an attractive front panel, easily operable remote button layout and best of all it holds up Sony's promise of a quality long lasting DVD VCR.

Model RDR-VX555

Sony DVD VHS Recording System Best Option Available

If you want to transfer VHS to DVD or Record DVDs, this model is ideal. It has a very modern design and hides its front panel buttons behind a secret door. Maybe it isn't secret, but it's hard to notice. This is Sony's best VHS to DVD Recorder, so get it before someone else does.

In Conclusion

Sony VCRs are the best option for anyone looking to specifically get a lot of life out of their unit. It makes sense that we sell so many of them. These are highly demanded and not manufactured, so get one before they are extinct. 

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