Why trust us?

Why trust us?

As an online store, it is very hard to portray a trustworthy image. We created this page to help you understand how real we are.


How do I determine if For The Low .Net or other websites are a scam?

Step 1-

Check social media accounts.
We are very active on Facebook and somewhat active on Instagram and Twitter.
Click here to see our Facebook page.
facebook page for for the low .net reviews and proof

Step 2-

Find original video content created by them.
We have a few youtube videos to show that we know what we are working with. Check them out here
for the low youtube video vhs to dvd transfer tutorial
This video has 50,000 views. We're pretty much Youtube famous!

Step 3-

Are they BBB accredited?
A business does not need to be BBB accredited to be trustworthy, but it is a very good sign. View our BBB page here.
Forthelow.net, LLC BBB Business Review

Step 4-

Do they have a physical location?
We are located in Mesa, Arizona.
View our Google listing here and our "Our Location" page here.

Step 5-

Contact the company to verify that customer service exists.
You can get in touch with us via mail, phone, in person, email or social media messaging.
Contact us here.

Step 6-

Do they have testimonials?
We have many reliable testimonials located here. Something that we often hear is this. Please, don't let this be you... " I had placed four orders with Amazon....3 of the recorders did not work and had to be returned, the fourth order was canceled by the seller before shipping with no explanation." Be sure to avoid having to say this.

Step 7-

Do they have content and resources available?
We provide some content on our website that will help you use and pick your devices. This content is in the form of articles, blog posts and videos. 
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